My Tattoos!

This is my first tattoo. These pics were taken about 2 hours after getting it done. ~ 6/21/03


This is my second tattoo. I had a crappy day at work, so Kyia and I did something fun! She got her naval pierced. Afterwards we got trashed. =) ~ 12/12/03


This is my third tattoo. It's less than a week old in these pics. It is still peeling, so it probably doesn't look as good as it will when it is done healing.

Anyone who knows me, knows I **LOVE** unicorns. I knew I was going to get a tattoo of one, I just had to find a good image. I was sitting at my desk when I looked up and saw this little trinket box I had bought a while back. It was exactly what I had been looking for. So I took it with me to Jeremy @ Saint Sabrina's Parlor in Purgatory. He also did my second tattoo. He drew up a sketch and vvwalah, there ya have it! ~ 1/4/04